Bursting with vivid colour and fun activities, Pooky Plays Piano offers a creative and imaginative invitation to take the firsts steps into the magical world of piano. With the help of the book students will be encouraged to spend some time to get to know their keys and will then seamlessly transition into reading music. 

The majority of compositions offered are duets to encourage the positive bond between the pupil and the teacher. Furthermore, most of the compositions in the book will be centered around the middle C while practicing at home and will require to move an octave higher for the duet, which will make it much easier to develop an understanding of the topography of the piano.

Each lesson will start with learning a new note or a new concept with written and clapping exercises included. As students progress, they will have a chance to create their own songs, which will encourage creativity within the learning progress.

Many of the songs in the book will have lyrics to assist the ear development of the student. Overall, with the guidance from Pooky, students will learn the basics of piano in more fun and creative ways.

Would you like to hear a few songs from the book, and read more about it?

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